Are you looking for a great hearing aid at a fantastatic price?  We have the solution!  Our new Livio hearing aids start at $1000 each.

Why people like Livio

-Better sound quality, clarity, and reduced listening effort compared to previous models
-More user control: the aids can be adjusted using a smart phone, and you can customize settings for different listening environments.  Other accessories are also available.
-Fewer appointments: if you need adjustments to the hearing aids, you can send a request through the smart phone app and we’ll make the changes remotely - no need to come into the office.
-Rechargeable option: for an additional $150 per aid you’ll never have to change a battery again.

If you prefer something that doesn’t go behind your ear, we also have Picasso custom hearing aids available starting at $1000 each.

This is NOT a limited time offer.  We truly want you to hear your best, and help you make the most of your hearing.

Please contact us by phone at 780-423-2116 or email at if you are interested in seeing what we have to offer.  

All the best,

Jennifer Spiller
Better Hearing Centre Inc.