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Hearing Protection & Custom Earmolds

We offer a wide range of custom hearing protection and earmold options

Hearing Protection & Custom Earmolds

We offer a wide range of custom hearing protection and earmold options


Noise Protection Earmolds

Loud environments can be damaging to hearing. Often the first sign of problems is ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus. Custom-made earplugs fit snugly in the ear, can be reused and cleaned, and are made out of a soft material. There are two types: solid and filtered. Solid offers the most hearing protection, and filtered allows the wearer to hear voices but still reduces much of the harmful noise.   


Musician Earmolds and Tunz 

Not all music is created equal. That’s why musician earmolds can be customized to the type of music being played. Different filters can be used to protect the wearer while still allowing music to sound vibrant.  For musicians who need stage monitors, Tunz custom solutions provide balanced sound while filtering out unwanted noise.


Shooting Earmolds and SoundGear 

Shooting earmolds allow for immediate dampening of sound when a shot is fired. There are also shooting devices such as SoundGear which increase the volume of soft sounds, such as an animal rustling in the bush, and then dampen sound when needed. There are a variety of SoundGear models available, from small in-the-canal versions to behind-the-ear ones with volume control. 


Swimming Earmolds 

People who are sensitive to water in their ears can benefit from swimming earmolds. Made of a super soft material, they come in a variety of colours. The best part is they float, so they are easy to find in the water.  


Sleeping Earplugs 

Snoring, traffic, and neighbours keeping you awake? Custom-made sleep earmolds are designed to reduce distracting sounds, and are curved to allow side sleepers to press their ear to the pillow without discomfort.


Other Applications  

Bluetooth headsets, phone earbuds, pilot headsets, stethoscopes, communication earpieces, laptop earbuds, wearable devices and tablet earbuds are meant to fit in the majority of ears. However, if you’re in the minority, you’ve experienced the frustration of ill-fitting earbuds that either hurt or don’t stay in. End your frustration – we have a number of options available that can incorporate your favourite earbud with a custom mold for your ear.



Swirl, neon, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark are possible with many of our earmolds.