Balance and Vertigo

Have you ever experienced the feeling of movement as if when you are in an elevator, even if you can’t see or feel anything moving around you? Or feel that your body is tilted sideways even if your eyes are closed? You have your vestibular organs to thank for that. The vestibular organs include the semicircular canals located near the cochlea of the inner ear. These canals are filled with endolymph fluid which moves in different directions. The movement of the fluid puts pressure on tiny hairs which then send signals to the brain. This helps maintain balance and informs the body about motion, direction, and acceleration. Balance concerns may arise when the vestibular system malfunctions. Vertigo – the sensation of spinning or whirling – can also happen. Too much or too little endolymph fluid, infection of the vestibular nerve, head injury, and loss of sensitivity in the inner ear hairs have been linked to balance and vertigo problems. The first step toward treatment is to speak with your doctor.